Slipstream – Pre-Alpha Demo

slipstream game

Slipstream is a fun OutRun-inspired retro pseudo3D checkpoint racer in which you race at high speeds across on a course with branching pathways across a variety of exotic locations.

We’ve covered a few fabulous retro racers on Alpha Beta Gamer recently (Drift Stage & Power Drive 2000), but Slipstream feels like the most authentic retro racer yet.  Power Drive 2000 may be currently winning in terms of style and flair, but is Slipstream certainly the most authentic retro racer.

As you speed down the winding roads, the visuals, handling and excellent audio all harken back to the glory days of arcade racing games.  There are no fancy full 3D effects here – it’s all pseudo3D as you race into the screen as pixels fly by.  Cars on the road aren’t there to be raced with – they’re moving obstacles, put there to stop you from reaching that all-important check point.

The processing power of todays gaming systems mean there’s a big push for large, photo-realistic open world racers, but there’s a lot to be said for the simple pleasures of the old school checkpoint racer.  A triumph of stimulation over simulation.

UPDATE: This Alpha Is No Longer Available