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Slowdrive is a fun low poly stunt racing game in which you help a sloth drive a car around some very tricky tracks as fast as possible.

In Slowdrive you control a sloth who is attempting to drive back home along some very deviously designed tracks, filled with bumps, jumps, obstacles and water hazards. Your little low poly slothmobile looks adorable but isn’t the most nimble of vehicles (which is part of the fun) so you’ll need some serious driving skill to make it to the finish line. you’ll need to navigate your little vehicle around each level, discovering short-cuts and clipping corners to shave vital milliseconds off your time.

The Alpha Demo of Slowdrive already has a lot of content, with a wide selection of fun tracks packed full of short-cuts and secrets. It’s fairly easy to complete most of the stages (bar the later ones), but the real fun lies in attempting to get to the finish line fast enough to get a good star rating. Every single stage also has a golden leaf for you to find, which can unlock new paint schemes and cars.

It’s still early in development, but the stylish low poly visuals, bouncy handling and inventive track design make for a thoroughly addictive sloth racing experience. A charming and challenging slice of low poly stunt driving well worth taking for a spin.

Download The Slowdrive Alpha Demo Here (Windows)

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  1. Absolutely love this game! It’d be amazing to see it on steam one day, i had an real blast driving this sloth around haha!
    here’s my little lets play of the game if you’re interested (I am starting to get sick in this video so i apologize for my voice)

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