Sluggy’s Tiny Adventure – Game Jam Build Download

Sluggys tiny adventure

Sluggy’s Tiny Adventure, a charming monster metroidvania game made for the Ludum Dare 35, has you playing a slime who can transform into many different forms as it goes on a quest to kill the wizard who imprisoned him!

You are a little slime ball, trapped by a wizard inside a tiny vial. You must break out of this glass prison and find your way through the land, gaining new abilities as you go, with one goal in mind. That is, to kill the wizard who trapped you. Dotted around this world, there are more of the wizard’s potions. These potions can transform you into different creatures, giving you new abilities. Some will help you become strong, to break blocks, while others will allow you to fly higher and see areas that are above you.

At your base state – the creature you are once you leave the vial, you can punch enemies with your eye and jump pretty high. This comes in handy as there are many minions of the wizard, all around looking to kill you. Underground, ghosts will fly at you and spiders will fall from the ceiling. Out in the forest, mud monsters and skeletons will throw things at you! Its pretty easy to find yourself dying in this game, but whenever you have to restart in the vial, you will keep the abilities you have already collected. So go forth and explore! Find the wizard and get revenge in this charming pixel art slimevania!

Note: Use the 1-4 keys to change between characters once you’ve unlocked them (Even after you die).

Download Sluggy’s Tiny Adventure Here (Windows Only)

2 thoughts on “Sluggy’s Tiny Adventure – Game Jam Build Download”

  1. Woah, this looks really awesome! Will check it out if I can since I’m actually designing something along the lines myself, meant as a Battletoads spiritual sequel, using Gumble from my project Ancient Beast, that I already used in the Low Rez Jam entry called Gummy Turbo Tunnel. So many games I wanna make, but need to improve my coding skills xD

  2. Oh, seems it’s windows only (I’m a linux user), any chance you would make a video review of it?

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