Slumber Knight – Game Jam Build Download

Slumber Knight

Slumber Knight, an arcade game made for the Low Rez Jam, has you jumping through the darkness, looking to kill demons in an odd blend of dungeon crawling and Flappy Bird-style gameplay.

A demon has woken you from your sleep. It has eaten you, causing you to appear in a strange area that has paths of squares. You can only see one square ahead of you or to the sides of you. You must jump on these squares, only able to move up, left, or right, and try to find demons to destroy. Once you jump on a square, the square you just left will fall into the darkness. If you go to a dead end, you are forced to fall. There are also power ups on some blocks – like extra lives or more damage on your sword.

When you do make it to one of the many demons lurking around, you will have to face them in a Flappy Bird style jumping game. Your sword will appear in their mouth. You must jump it up into the gums of the monster’s mouth. Most monsters have teeth, which need to be avoided. If your sword hits one tooth, you will die and have to start back at the beginning of the map. Frog monsters don’t have teeth, but instead have a tongue that you can only see while the sword is near it, making it difficult to avoid. As you defeat monsters or pick up power-ups, you need to make sure you do not go down that same route again or else you will come to a dead end.

Slumber Knight may be an strange mix of genres, but it makes for an oddly addictive experience as you explore the dungeon and slay massive monsters.   A fun and challenging little flappy dungeon crawler.

Download or Play Slumber Knight Here (Windows & Browser)