Slumbernapped – Beta Demo

Slumbernapped is a whimsical pixel and platforming RPG adventure where you search for your missing brother in a world of dreams.

In Slumbernapped you are a young boy whose brother was kidnapped by a monster and taken to a land of dreams. It seems that all is not well in the land of dreams, with the King of Nightmares kidnapping dreamers for use in a nefarious plan. You set out to stop him, rescue your brother and get back home to your family.

The gameplay in Slumbernapped features a fun mix of platforming, deck-building and turn-based combat. Combat encounters see you using card combinations to battle all kinds of strange creatures and have timing-based active battle mechanics.

It’s a delightful game with high quality pixel artwork, a great sense of humor, fun characters and a nice mixture of gameplay. You won’t fall asleep in Slumbernapped!

Download The Slumbernapped Beta Demo Here (Windows)