Small Radios Big Televisions – Prototype

small radios big televisions

Small Radios Big Televisions is a stylish audio visual adventure about exploring digital places stored in analog media.

The main hub for the game is a deserted offshore oil rig which you can freely rotate and explore.  As you explore, you’ll locate mysterious cassette tapes, which will transport you strange and beautiful locations containing mysterious orbs which unlock more areas of the rig.

It’s a weird and strangely hypnotic experience exploring the locales of Small Radios Big Televisions.  The audio and visuals work beautifully together, urging you to keep searching for what’s on the next mysterious tape.  It’s a relaxing and zen-like experience as you search and click your way through this beautifully bizarre audio visual relaxation tape.

Visit the official website HERE

Play the Small Radios Big Televisions Prototype HERE (may not work on Mac)