Small Town Folks – Alpha Demo

Small Town Folks is a surreal psychological horror adventure game set in a small abandoned community with a dark past.

Created by the same team of devs behind The MMI, Small Town Folks is actually a prequel to The MMI and tells the tale of what drove Fred (the main character in The MMI) to insanity. In the game you are a surveyor who works for The MMI and is sent in to assess a small abandoned community called Upbrooke. It’s a pleasant looking place, but very run down and overgrown. However, as you explore the place you discover that some of the buildings have some very dark memories locked up inside them.

Taking around 20 minutes to play through, Small Town Folks features a nice mixture of puzzles, exploration and narrative. As you explore the buildings you find letters and experience some quite spectacular visions that appear to be flashbacks that appear to be more linked to you than the town as your loved ones appear in them. It seems that you may be Fred and you’re well on your way to going mad.

You’ll be left with more questions than answers by the end of the current build, but Small Town Folks is off to a very promising start. The narrative is intriguing, the transitions between scenes really catch you off guard (in a good way) and there are some pretty scary moments and the visuals are beautiful (though you’ll need a reasonably powerful PC to play). You won’t regret taking a trip to Upbrooke, though Fred probably will!

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download The Small Town Folks Alpha Demo Here (Windows)