Smallest Dungeon – Game Jam Build Download

smallest dungeon

Smallest Dungeon is a simple and addictive little dungeon crawler in which your heroes actions are all automated – with you just having to choose what stackable power-ups they accrue between rounds and when to heal them.

Some RPGs are skill based, but a lot of them are less about how good you actually are with a sword and more about how you’ve levelled your stats. Smallest Dungeon forgoes the involvement of the player during the combat altogether, and and focuses on what’s important – levelling up your stats to create the perfect character builds!

You start the game with a band of four heroes in a small dungeon. Each round they automatically battle the enemies that spawn there, with you simply needing to ply them with health now and again to keep them alive. At the end of each round you’re then given a choice of four random cards, each with quirky descriptions, that will level up the stats of your characters in different ways. It’s up to you to try and create the perfect character builds that will allow you to progress as far as possible through the dungeon before your inevitable demise.

Sure, you’re very much just a bystander during the combat sections and your actions throughout the game are fairly minimal, but Smallest Dungeon is a surprisingly addictive experience – especially if you’re someone that loves watching those all important stats go up!

Download Smallest Dungeon Here (Windows & Mac)