Smalls Island Woes – Game Jam Build Download

Smalls Island Woes is a creepy little retro styled Eldritch horror game where you’re tasked with maintaining a lighthouse on a charming little island.

In Smalls Island Woes your job requires you to be periodically sent to a small island to maintain the machinery at the heart of a lighthouse. Each time you visit you can chat to a few of the locals (even a cat), listen to a record and check on the machinery that powers the lighthouse. However, each time you return things get a little bit worse on the island and the inhabitants become less joyful and more wretched. You have to keep on returning to maintain the lighthouse though, it’s your job…

Smalls Island Woes weaves a very dark tale during its 15 minute play time and each time you return to the island you’re fearful of what has happened to it and its inhabitants. It’s a clever piece of storytelling and your final trip there has some interesting revelations that hint at what’s really going on with the island and the lighthouse. Highly recommended.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download Smalls Island Woes Here (Windows, Mac & Linux)