SMALLTREK – Game Jam Build Download

SmallTrek Game Download

SMALLTREK, an addictive space themed puzzle game made for the Ludum Dare 38, sees you travelling the galaxy and arranging the species to help each planet find peace!

In SMALLTREK you are the captain of a spaceship whose job is to relieve tensions in planets in the various quadrants around you. You can look out for distress signals pinging out from different planets before deciding to land and figure out the problem. Different planets have various species – all with different needs.

You’ll need to look up info on each species then position them to best suit their needs. For example, the green species like to be near plants and the rock creatures like to be near rocks.  You can only move the characters and your ship around, and you cannot move the characters through each other, so you must shift things around a bit to get each species into the optimum positions.

It’s a fun little puzzler, with interesting puzzles and charming pixel art visuals. After you’ve mastered all the planets in the quadrants, you’ll be promoted to a new quadrant to sort out. The whole galaxy looks up to you, so go where no man has gone before, solve all of the inter-species problems and spread peace throughout the Universe!

Download SMALLTREK Here (Windows, Mac & Linux)