SMASH + GRAB – Open Beta Weekend (Steam)


SMASH + GRAB is an anarchic new multiplayer game from the creators of Sleeping Dogs, in which teams of players go on a rampage, smashing store fronts and beating up other gangs as they attempt to loot $50,000 worth of goods.

We first featured SMASH + GRAB a couple of months ago when it was in closed beta, but now the rioting is open for all, with players able to download and play the game for free all weekend (up until Tuesday the 18th at 12 PM PDT). The Warriors-esque teams are made up of four members – one lieutenant (who calls the shots) and three soldiers. Each player has unique upgradeable abilities that can be levelled up throughout the match, allowing for different builds that accommodate different play styles (as in a MOBA).

Its got bucket loads of violence, but SMASH + GRAB is also pretty strategic, with team selection, crafting, levelling-up and co-operation being the key to success for your wrecking crew.  So if you like a bit of strategy with your uber-violence, join in the Open Beta weekend now!

UPDATE: This Beta Is No Longer Available

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