SMITE Blitz – Open Alpha (iOS & Android)

SMITE Blitz is a massively multiplayer tactical RPG adventure for iOS and Android, set in the SMITE universe, where you assemble a team of Gods and wage war against monsters, powerful bosses and other players from around the world.

Currently in development by HiRezStudios and Stoneskin Games, in SMITE Blitz you’ll be able to choose from over 60 unique gods from across a variety of mythologies then lead them in a war against dark forces that are wreaking havoc across the world. As you progress you’ll earn loot, craft upgrades and level up your gods. There is PvP, but you’ll also be able to forge alliances with other players and team up to battle powerful bosses.

It’s a fun looking addition to the SMITE franchise with snazzy visuals and fast paced tactical RPG battles. The Alpha is live now, so join in for god battling fun.

Check Out a Gameplay Trailer Here

Download The SMITE Blitz Alpha Here (iOS & Android)