SmokeDown – Game Jam Build Download


SmokeDown is a fast, fun and super tough high-score chasing arcade action game in which you kill enemies by smashing the earth with a powerful ground-stomp, then throwing the resulting debris at them.

SmokeDown is a fairly simple score attack game at heart, with you attempting to kill as many enemies and survive as long as possible before your inevitable demise.  You can’t shoot but you can deflect bullets, and you do have a very cool ground stomping party-trick that flings debris up in the air which you can then throw at enemies.

The audio and visuals are both superb, thanks to the otherworldly soundtrack and vibrant pixel art animation that looks fantastic as bullets and debris fly through the air.  It takes a few attempts to get the hang of SmokeDown, and you will die often, but once you master the ground-stomping, debris flinging control scheme you’ll be a force to be reckoned with.  A fun and super stylish ground pound-em-up.

Download SmokeDown Here