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smoking simulator

Smoking Simulator sees you going about your daily business at your crappy office job, trying your very best not to get too stressed out.  If your stress levels get too high the red mist will descend and you’ll trash the office – which is fun, but not so good for your career prospects.

As you can guess from the games title, Smoking is your main way of relaxation, bringing your stress levels down to a reasonably safe state.  The company knows the job is stressfull, so they allow for quick smoke breaks, however you still need to do your job correctly and smoke in the designated area or you’ll promptly be fired!

It’s pretty hard to stay relaxed in this working environment.  Your job is to check what to buy for the company and not make useless purchases, this is stressful in itself, but if you screw up your boss will berrate you, increasing your stress levels condiderably.  It’s recommended to work in spurts, getting up from your workstation, exploring a bit and grabbing a smoke regularly is the only way to make it thopugh the day.  Once the stress levels get too high you’ll have a higher chance of triggering rage mode, destroying everything around you and pretty much going ape-sh*t.

Smoking Simulator was created for the rpgmakerweb Indie Game Maker Contest and is still in Beta, with plenty of additions and fixes in the works.  While we can’t encourage taking up smoking, we’d certainly recommend giving virtual smoking a go, especially if you’re having a hard day at work!

Watch a Gameplay video HERE

Play the Beta in a Unity supported browser HERE

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    • Thanks! Glad you liked it! :)

      Warning: This write-up seriously harms you and others around you. Gaming blocks the arteries and causes heart attack or cerebral haemorrhage. Alpha Beta Gamer causes lung cancer. Smoking Simulator during pregnancy may harm your baby.

    • Yeah the server was getting overloaded with visitors. They’ve taken the Browser version down for the moment until they sort out their servers.

      You can still download the windows version though, for a fix of nicotine based fun :)

  1. Sure! Thanks for the head-up we’ll do an update tonight. Best of luck with the Greenlight campaign! :)

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