Snail Storm – Alpha Download

snail storm

Snail Storm is a ridiculously over the top side scrolling high score chasing shooter heavily influenced by the Tony Hawks Pro Skater series, in which you play a heavily armed snail that blasts enemies and pulls of sick moves with an aim of building up an epic multiplier and lots of lovely points.

Snail Storm could possibly do with turning the effects down a tiny bit as it can be quite hard to keep track of what’s happening on-screen. But, it’s hyper-kenetic gameplay is infectious, and it’s certainly and enjoyable experience when you string a bunch of attacks together for a massive multiplier.  The way it gives you a list of the tricks and kills you’ve performed in the multiplier is also a nice touch, and fondly reminiscent of the Tony Hawks games.

It’s an odd blend of genres, but once you get to grips with it, you’ll have a blast with this silly super charged pro-skating snail shooter.

Download The Snail Storm Alpha Here (Windows Only)