Snail’s Nightmare – Game Jam Build Download

Snail’s Nightmare is a challenging and fast paced arcade action game where you collect upgrades and collectibles while dodging laser beams in a snail’s neon nightmare.

Created for the Wowie Jam 2.0, Snail’s Nightmare sees you taking on the role of a snail who normally lives in a 2D world, but who is currently having a 3D nightmare that’s hosted by an evil AI. This AI continually throws vertical and horizontally moving laser beams into the area where you move around and each time you hit one (or if you stand on a square you’ve already stood on) then you’ll lose a life.

The grid-based arena that you start on is initially quite empty, but the more blue glowing cubes you collect more objects will start populating the area. These come in the form of statues/raised areas where you can get a little respite from the lasers and upgrade stations where you can choose from one of three upgrades (health, speed and jump). You earn points for the amount of tiles that you travel over and turn red, but stepping back on a red tile will lose you a life and as you progress the speed and frequency of the lasers increases dramatically.

It’s a simple, but stylish and very addictive little game with fast paced arcade gameplay, a catchy soundtrack and lots of odd little easter eggs to discover. See how long you can survive this speedy neon-filled snail adventure!

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Play Or Download Snail’s Nightmare Here (Windows, Mac, Linux & Browser)