Snake Evader – Alpha Demo

SNAKE Evader Game Download

Snake Evader is a charming arcade game that draws inspiration from Snake, TRON Lightcycles, Pac-Man and Bomberman in which you control cute little robot and evade snakes across a variety of fun game modes.

Snake Evader features two single player modes (Evader and Maze) and two multiplayer modes (Survival and Snake), and offer a whimsical and lighthearted arcade gameplay experience that feels fondly reminiscent of Bomberman (although the gameplay is more akin to Snake). Evader mode sees you controlling a little robot and attempting to collect golden eggs while avoiding the snakes that roam the arena, then take on a powerful boss. Maze mode (not in the current build) sees you navigating labyrinths, avoiding enemies and battling super-powered rivals. Survival mode is pretty much Evader mode with added multiplayer and Snake mode plays like TRON Lightcycles, with you attempting to get your opponents to crash into your tail.

It’s still early in development but it shows a lot of promise, especially in multiplayer, offering the same type of retro arena-based arcade action that made Bomberman so much fun. The different game modes and arenas add a nice bit of variety to the gameplay and there’s promise of plenty of unlockable characters and secrets too. A simple, fun and addictive slice of retro arcade action well worth checking out.

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Download The Snake Evader Alpha Demo Here (Windows)