Snakedate – Game Jam Build Download


Snakedate is a ridiculous dating simulator made for the Ludum Dare 34, in which you play a snake who finds love in a nightclub by wrapping your body around horse-people and using a Tinder-style app.

You are a snake who has gone to a club full of horses. As you slither around the area, you will receive notifications from the Charmr App (Tinder for Snakes/Horses). This app will show you compatible horses as well as a small bit about them. If you choose to date them, you must find them in the club and wrap your long body around them as many times as they ask. This will cause hearts to appear around their body, as you both fall in love.

If you swipe no to any of these horses, they will be covered in black hearts. However, if you swipe right to two horses, without wrapping around the first one, the first horse will think you stood him up. You must be fast at gaining the love of these singles, before you know it, they will have moved on.  Each horse you date will count towards your total points.  How many horses will you date in this super silly snake charmer?

Download Snakedate Here (Windows Only)