Snaketris – Beta Demo

Snaketris is a fun little mash-up of Snake and Tetris, where you can move your snake to make it form different Tetris shapes before it lands.

In each level of Snaketris you have a limited amount of turns to make certain blocks disappear. You make lines of blocks disappear as you would in Tetris, but in this case you aren’t given prescribed block shapes – you manoeuvre your snake to make your own!

The demo build of Snaketris features 10 levels. Things start off fairly easily, but it’s not long until the complexity increases, with you required to manoeuvre your snakes through tight gaps or collect keys.

At the moment it could really do with a quick restart option (as you’ll make plenty of silly mistakes), but it’s a clever concept, with inventive level design and addictive gameplay. A marvellous mash-up you never knew you always wanted!

Play The Snaketris Beta Demo Here (Browser)