Snapshot Isle – Alpha Demo

Snapshot Isle is a chilled out first person photography adventure where you explore a beautiful little low poly island and follow clues as you complete commissions to photograph specific objects.

In Snapshot Isle you become a photographer who has been employed as a Photo Scout by a company called Camp Carousel. You’ve been sent to the Great Peaks Isle where your aim is to photograph specific areas of the environment to figure out if it’s suitable for setting up a new Camp Carousel campsite.

Camp Carousel sends you pictures they already have and you have to find the area on the island and photograph it. There’s also a variety of different NPC characters on the island who will give you side quests to photograph different objects that they give you a clue for – such as “something that burns without fire” or “something that points but doesn’t prick”. There are multiple solutions to these puzzles and you earn a little cash for each one you find.

It’s a fun game with a fun premise and an interesting game world that’s full of things to discover and take photographs. The clue-based commission photo system is cleverly implemented and adds a welcome puzzle element to the experience. A photo snapping adventure well worth snapping up.

Download The Snapshot Isle Alpha Demo Here (Windows)