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sneaky elvis

Sneaky Elvis is a rather silly musical stealth game, that see’s you playing a hip-swinging Elvis as he tries to escape the jailhouse without being heard – this is a little bit tricky though as Elvis just cant help singing and he can only move as he swings his hips to the music.

The guards in the jailhouse are pretty blind, so you don’t have to worry about them seeing you, but they’ll certainly hear you.  WASD are the directional keys, but Elvis only moves when you swing his hips in time with the music (using the arrow keys).  Unfortunately, as you swing your hips, Elvis starts to get his groove on and sings louder, making it harder to avoid detection.  You can use other inmates to distract the guards, and you can stand still get Elvis to be a bit quieter – but not too long as he’ll just sing louder again!

Needless to say making it to the exit with your singing, hip-swinging Elvis is pretty tricky, but it’s also great fun – thanks mainly to the fantastic soundtrack (a superb mumbling mix of Jailhouse Rock).  Sneaky Elvis really isn’t very sneaky, but his hip-swinging antics will certainly make you smile!

Keys: WASD for direction, arrow keys to swing those hips!

Watch & Listen to Elvis’s Sneaky Antics HERE

Download Sneaky Elvis HERE

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