SNIFF – Game Jam Build Download


Pssst….D’ya wanna get high?  SNIFF is a trippy first person stealth game in which you must use drugs on yourself and your captors in order to escape a mental hospital.

Created for Ludum Dare 32, SNIFF can be a very disorientating experience, with drugs that warp your view and even flip you upside down.  As well as being incredibly psychedelic, these drugs also have uses, allowing you walk through solid doors, avoid hazards and cross chasms.  They can even be used as a weapon – throw a vial at one of the guards that patrol the corridors and they’ll trip out and blink out of existence.

As SNIFF was built in under 72 hours, it does still have a few rough edges, and it can be hard to tell where you’re supposed to go at times, but on the whole it’s an impressive mind-bending experience.  A good trip.

Download SNIFF HERE (Win & Mac)