Sniper Killer – Beta Demo

Sniper Killer is a darkly comedic 80’s horror movie inspired horror adventure about a serial killing sniper and the hard boiled detective attempting to catch him.

Currently in development by Black Eyed Priest and Henry Hoare, Sniper Killer is a horror adventure inspired by trashy 80’s slasher horror movies and crime thrillers. The game is played from the perspective of the killer, his victims and the detective that’s trying to track the killer down. The demo essentially acts as a prologue and sees the killer picking off a handful of different targets.

VHS filers are a little overused nowadays, but Sniper Killer does feel like it could use one (or just a little chromatic aberration), to help add to the grimy 80’s aesthetic. Aside front hat though it’s shaping up to be a very entertaining horror adventure. It’s got a delightfully dark sense of humor, some very memorable characters and a thrilling chase scene. Being able to experience the story from different characters’ perspective is a particularly nice touch and gives the kills a lot more impact.

Check Out a Sniper Killer Gameplay Video Here

Download The Sniper Killer Beta Demo Here (Steam)