SNIPERPUNK is a bullet hell roguelite with action packed 1v1 battles where each player picks upgrades at the end of each round.

Playable in online or local PvP, in SNIPERPUNK four of the most powerful fighters in the universe fight in epic battles to decide who will be the Champion of the Stellar Nexus. Each character has their own unique abilities and in true roguelite fashion, between each round you are able to choose from a selection of upgrades that you can use to create powerful builds.

There are 45 unique maps to do battle in, with you facing off in intense bullet hell 1v1 battles. You have a weapon, two abilities and a dodge move at your disposal and ricocheting bullets is an important tactic as your bullets gain 1 damage each time it bounces off a wall.

It’s a clever PvP twist on the roguelite formula with fast paced duels and vibrant pixel art visuals. Join in the open Alpha to start sniping punks!

Check Out SNIPERPUNK on Steam Here

To get your SNIPERPUNK open Beta key, just join the official Discord group then go to the #beta-keys channel and type “!beta” to get your key.