Snowed In – Game Jam Build Download

Snowed In Game Download

Snowed In is a short and very funny little narrated puzzler that tells the tale of a little girl who’s trapped in a snow globe with a mysterious cottage and a foul-mouthed badger named Colin!

Taking around five minutes to complete, Snowed in combines cute 3D visuals, tongue in cheek humor and witty narration as you attempt to help a girl escape from a snow globe she’s been trapped in by a witch. There are various items within the snow globe that you can interact with or move by either tilting it or by shaking it to solve the games simple, but fun little physics based puzzles.

It’s the narration and story that really stands out in Snowed In though, delivering a well written and well acted little narrative packed with great humor and silly twists. A particular highlight is Colin, an angry and foul-mouthed badger who has little sympathy for your plight. It’s a great little game that offers a short, sweet and silly little adventure that will make you smile from start to finish.

Download Snowed In Here (Win, Mac & Linux)