Snowglobeception – Game Jam Build Download

Snowglobeception game download

Snowglobeception is a delightfully macabre little game in which your goal is to murder as many snowglobe-dwelling little stickmen as possible within a time limit.

Taking around five minutes to complete, Snowglobeception is a series of snow globes within snow globes (much like Inception or a series of russian nesting dolls), in which your aim is to murder as many of the little stickmen as possible. To do this you can shake, turn and tilt the level in any direction to either guide the stickmen towards deadly hazards or to roll giant balls at them to squash them.

It’s a simple game, but very enjoyable thanks to the stylish minimalist visuals, raucous rock soundtrack and blood splattering physics based gameplay. Five minutes of carnage in which you turn charming little snow globes into horrific bloodbaths!

Note: The Controls are listed in the ReadMeControls.txt file in the download. It’s playable with Keyboard, we’d recommend using a controller though.

Download Snowglobeception Here (Windows)