Snowspirit – Game Jam Build

Snowspirit, a charming and challenging point and click game made for the Adventure Jam 2018, sees you trying to help a snowman survive a very warm winter.

In Snowspirit you take on a strange looking snowman who has lived their life in this mountain top. Every year, you eat your delicious ice worms before going to sleep for the summer – returning to the surface once the sun has gone and the snow has come back. This year, however, things are off to a bad start. Not only have you broken your ice worm totem that keeps away the bad dreams, you also have awoken to far less snow than you were expecting.

Unsure of how you are going to survive without your ice worms, you must figure out a way to fix this issue. There are some mysteriously looking instructions in a strange cave near you, but sadly quite a bit of it is completely missing. Once you figure out how to get back to sleep, you will also start to visit various dream worlds, which have their own puzzles and a shared inventory to use. These different dreams need to be solved to help bring back the real world – but can you figure out what each one needs?

Note: Snowspirit is quite tough. If you get stuck there’s a useful hint page here

Download or play Snowspirit Here (Windows, Mac & Browser)