Snowy Path – Student Game Download

Snowy Path is a tense frostbitten survival horror adventure where a young Iroquois girl solves puzzles and fights for her survival atop an enchanted mountain.

Created by a group of students from Gamagora, MAAAV and CPE, Snowy Path is a first person survival horror adventure where you fend off the cold, fearsome beasts and a malevolent spirit as you make you explore an enchanted mountain. As you explore you’ll need to observe environmental clues and solve puzzles, all while being sure to warm yourself at small bonfires that you light with your torch.

Snowy Path isn’t a full game – it’s a vertical slice created for a student project, designed to give an indication of what the full game would be like if it was fully developed. This means that there’s little in the way of narrative and it lacks a little polish occasionally, but the world design and survival horror gameplay is very impressive. There’s a nice variety in environments throughout and each one cleverly showcases a different element of the gameplay.

It’s a real shame that Snowy Path most likely won’t end up being a full game as it’s a very unique concept for a survival horror game and it’s very well designed. The constant fear of freezing in the wilderness really amps up the tension and the open (mostly) well lit environment makes a nice change from scrabbling around in the darkness as in most horror games. A frightful frostbitten adventure well worth embarking on.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download Snowy Path Here (Windows)