Soccertron – Beta Demo


Soccertron is a fun fast-paced football (soccer) action game with cool neon visuals and addictive multiplayer gameplay that feels like a mix between Air Hockey, Pong and football.

The game supports local multiplayer for 2 people, but solo soccer stars can play against a (rather hard to beat) bot.  The Beta Demo features the ‘Soccertron’ mode only, but the full game features 4 different game modes – Soccertron, Shrinktron (shrink the other players goal to win), Basketron (basketball) and Tournament.

It’s a neon-filled, fun, fast and addictive 1 on 1 multiplayer game, ideally suited for couch battles with friends.  Football with a Clu.

Visit the Greenlight page HERE

Download the Beta Demo HERE (Win, Mac & Linux)

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