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social justice warriors

Social Justice Warriors is a role-playing game, inspired by the ridiculous list of “social justice warrior” videogame journalists to avoid.  It transforms you into a crusader for online morality, a champion of internet justice, and the lone defender standing valiantly against the encroaching morass of wilful human ignorance.

You’re given a choice of four different classes – Paladin, Cleric, Mage and Rogue – all with their own unique troll-thwarting rebukes and actions, such as ‘publish an article illuminating the path to a brighter humanity”, “tweet a list of your trolls character flaws”, “retire to the confines of the r/ commune with like minds”  or “immolate the opposition by naming them directly”.  Each class has a preferred weapon of choice, with Paladins using Twitter, Clerics using Reddit, Mages writing powerful opinion pieces, and Rogues fighting fire with fire.

The warriors and their opponents fight and fall by the measure of their Sanity and Reputation meters.  There are a variety of different trolls – ignorant, popular, stubborn, intellectual, etc. – each with different character traits and weaknesses. They constantly confound your sanity with their ignorance and hate while actively working to destroy your reputation with wild accusations and photo-shopped evidence of your misdeeds.

Social Justice Warriors gently pokes fun at those on the internet who take these things too seriously, encouraging people to consider the impact of their actions online.  As you go up against an endless supply of trolls one thing becomes clear – the only way to truly win is by not taking part in the first place.  It’s telling that on the title screen you can select “Don’t battle for social justice”, which leads you to a famous and rather fitting Mark Twain quote.

The game is due for release within the next couple of weeks, with game developer Nonadecimal in the process of adding new troll attacks, the ability to tweet high scores and other improvements.  Nonadecimal is keen to hear any feedback on balancing as this will be tweaked before final release.  Feedback can be given in the comments section below – no trolling!  :)

Visit the Official Website HERE

Watch a video of it in action HERE

Play the Beta in a Unity supported browser HERE – not available any more

UPDATE: SJW has now been released, you can purchase the full game for just $1

4 thoughts on “Social Justice Warriors – Open Beta”

  1. Thanks for featuring the game, Alpha Beta Gamer. I hope everyone enjoys playing and is reminded to consider the impact of their interactions online.

    The game is still in the final stages of development so if anyone has any feedback about the difficulty for each class or suggestions for new troll attacks or quotes, please leave a comment and your suggestion might make it into the game. The quotes are inspired by the terrible things real people say in comment sections so drop a link if you have any examples.

    • Hi nonadecimal, do you mind if we make an article of this game if our site? I think it is worth to be featured on here because of the kind of “anonymous” objective of “saving the internet”. Thanks ABG for a nice review, at least we know already what to talk about.

      • Please do. You can find information and images on my website. Let me know if you have any questions. Thanks!

  2. Cool game! I’ve only had a few goes so far, so can’t give too much feedback yet. I’ll give some proper feedback tomorrow. Thanks!

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