Sockventure: Prologue – Beta Demo

Sockventure is a challenging and beautifully animated precision platforming adventure where you become a superhero on a mission to save a kid’s missing sock from a washing machine.

In Sockventure you take on the role of Sockman, an odd little superhero who uses his special skills of wall-jumping, double-jumping and air-dashing as he makes his way through the perilous internals of a washing machine, with an aim of saving a kid’s favorite sock. This charmingly silly premise belies some seriously challenging precision splatforming that Meat Boy would be proud of.

The Sockventure Prologue is a short, standalone adventure that essentially acts as a demo for the upcoming game. It takes around an hour to play through and really impresses with it’s tight controls, beautiful visuals and deviously designed levels. Initially it seems like a fairly standard platformer, but as you unlock your new abilities the levels get much more complex and creative, requiring a little problem solving and planning, and a lot of skill to beat them. See how you fare on your quest to save that sock!

Download Sockventure: Prologue Here (Steam)

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