Soda Crisis – Beta Demo

Soda Crisis is a high octane side-scrolling platforming shooter where you attempt to escape from a mysterious research facility full of cola loving baddies and fight for the fate of the earth!

In Soda Crisis you take control of an odd looking Minion shaped creature of unknown origin that’s being experimented on in a high security laboratory. On your adventure you’ll blast your way out of the facility, explore a futuristic world and save the planet, all while being pursued by baddies with a penchant for cola.

Gameplay-wise there doesn’t seem to be a whole lot of a connection with soda, but what it does have is lots of fast-paced run n’ gun action platforming fun. Your character is very agile and able to run up walls, wall-jump, dodge-roll, sprint, use grapple hooks and fire in all directions. As you progress you also unlock upgrade modules that you can switch out to suit your playstyle and give you an edge over the enemy hordes.

It could do with a bit more of a cohesive story, but other than that Soda Crisis is an absolute blast. There’s a nice flow to the gameplay and your little glass cannon hero is a joy to control. There’s a good amount of variety to the level design and there are some nice little eccentric touches that add a bit of character to the game. There may not be much soda in it, but it is very refreshing! Highly recommended.

Download The Soda Crisis Beta Demo Here (Steam)