Soda Powered Penguin – Beta Demo

Soda Powered Penguin is a fast and fun momentum-focused 2D platformer where a penguin strapped to a soda bottle zooms around vast levels packed with challenging obstacles and secrets.

Penguins may not be the most mobile of creatures on the land, but thanks to the latest in soda bottle technology you’ll be able to dash, double jump and smash your way through levels as fast as a certain blue hedgehog. As in the Sonic games, there is a focus on speed and momentum in Soda Powered Penguin, but there’s also lots of Mario-esque precision platforming and secret hunting.

The demo build of Soda Powered Penguin features two large levels that each take up to 10+ minutes to play though and have lots of hidden collectibles if you even more of a challenge. Your little jet propelled penguin handles beautifully with a nice balance of precision and speed. Meanwhile, the level design is superb and is packed full of creative challenges that require a thought and skill to conquer them. Highly recommended.

Download The Soda Powered Penguin Beta Demo Here (Windows)