Soil – Game Jam Build Download

Soil is a weird finger-twisting little claymation game where you press keys on your keyboard to push escaping clay-people back into the ground and create barriers to prevent them from escaping.

Created for the Firepit Game-a-Week jam, in Soil you are presented with a patch of soil with various yellow dots in it. The yellow dots are clay-people who try to burrow out of the soil and run off the edge of the soil to freedom. To stop this from happening you can press the key on your keyboard that corresponds to the location of the clay-person to push them back down. If they do manage to get to the surface you still have a chance of stopping them as you can press any two keys on the keyboard to form a wire fence between the corresponding locations to knock them back into their place.

The gameplay does get a little repetitive, but it’s a great concept and the claymation visuals are excellent. See how long you can suppress the freedom of the clay-people with your fingers!

Download Soil Here (Windows, Mac & Linux)