Sol Cesto – Beta Demo

Sol Cesto is a fast-paced tactical roguelite that’s all about taking chances and hedging your bets as you hack your way through monster-filled dungeons.

In each level of Sol Cesto you need to perform five actions before the door opens and you can escape. These actions involve fighting monsters, collecting health and collecting loot, but you don’t have full control over which of these you will do.

The dungeons are arranged into 4×4 grids and you can select which row you travel to, but your destination on each row is random. This means you may land on whatever square is on that row, be it a monster, a treasure chest or a health pick-up. You kill any monsters that you encounter, but if their attack or mana rating is higher than yours then they’ll do damage. You also have a rechargeable Sun ability that allows you to select a column rather than a row.

It’s a clever concept that is both simple and satisfyingly tactical. It’s very addictive, the hand animated art style is fantastic and there’s a real joy to pulling off a risky move and surviving to fight another day. Highly recommended.

Download The Sol Cesto Beta Demo Here (Steam)