Solace Dreams Remake – Alpha Download

Solace Dreams Remake is a mindblowing DOOM Total conversion mod that draws inspiration from Dark Souls and PS1 era survival horror games as you enter the nightmares of your classmates and try to save them.

A remake of the already insanely good Solace Dreams, the Solace Dreams Remake takes DOOM total conversion mods to a whole new level as a schoolgirl enters the uniquely themed nightmares of her classmates. Each of the nightmares have very different settings – one minute you can be fighting knights in a medieval castle and the next you can be mowing down cyborgs in a nightclub.

The stuff Solace Dreams Remake’s creator Erminio Lucente has done in the near three decade old DOOM engine is genuinely mind blowing. As far as DOOM mods go, only Total Chaos comes close to if visually, but the fact that each nightmare is so unique takes it to a whole new level. There’s some very creative level design and the boss fights offer a real spectacle and a real challenge.

Solace Dreams Remake also implements lots of great gameplay features – such as XP, levelling up, currency and a shop. You can also summon each of the classmates in their boss form to aid you in battle once you defeat them.

The current build of Solace Dreams Remake features eight levels and takes several hours to play through. It’s still in alpha so there are a few rough edges (mainly unfinished dialogue and the ammo distribution could do with a bit of rebalancing), but it’s a remarkable game. Not just a fantastic DOOM total conversion mod, but a fantastic game in its own right. Highly recommended.

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Download The Solace Dreams Remake Alpha Here (Windows) – Link May Go Down Due to High Traffic. If It’s Not Working For You Please Try Again Later.