Soldier Man: Space Hero – Game Jam Build Download

Soldier Man: Space Hero is a horror adventure set inside a glitchy Halo: Combat Evolved-esque Sci-Fi adventure, with the game bugging out in some disturbing ways as you attempt to make it to the control room of your ship.

Created for the HPS1 Halloween Jam 2020, in Soldier Man: Space Hero you take on the role of a Master Chief style space marine who awakens from cryosleep and has to make their way to the control room. There’s a little more going in in the game than first meets the eye though, with weird glitches that keep on occurring that alter the world around you…

Unfortunately, due to the time constraints of the jam, the developer of Soldier Man: Space Hero didn’t actually manage to finish the game, so the ending is a little abrupt, but it’s a great little horror game nonetheless. The setting is quite unique for a horror game, the retro PS1 styled visuals are excellent and the glitchy transformations are cleverly done. The concept and planned narrative is also very inventive so hopefully the dev continues to work on it so we get to see how it plays out!

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download Soldier Man: Space Hero Here (Windows)