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Sole is a beautiful aesthetic-driven exploration adventure that draws inspiration from Flower, The Unfinished Swan and Proteus as you guide a mysterious glowing orb around a world shrouded in darkness, spreading color, light and life wherever you go.

In Sole you explore the crumbling remains of once great cities, discovering more about the history of a lost civilization and unearthing the secrets hidden within its ruins. As you traverse the dark and long dead game world you literally paint the world with your light, illuminating the darkness, sprouting grass beneath you, growing trees from broken stumps and activating ancient mechanisms that allow you to explore more of the breathtaking game world.

Visually and gameplay-wise Sole feels fondly reminiscent of Flower eliciting feelings of awe and wonder as you explore and discover the secrets of its dream-like game world. There are objectives, but it’s more about enjoying the journey, experiencing the atmosphere, soaking in the beauty and the simple joy of bringing light where once there was darkness. A captivating experience from start to finish. Highly recommended.

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