Sole Light – Open Alpha (iOS & Android)

Sole Light is a beautiful isometric sokoban-esque puzzle game where you use clones which copy your movements, to help make your way through each cleverly designed level.

The stylish minimalist isometric world of Sole Light behaves similarly to other Sokoban style block pushing games, but there are a couple of big differences – most of the platforms that you stand on will disappear once you move off of them and you also have the ability to control clones. Your goal in each level it to reach a campfire and to do so you need to work alongside the clones, using them to shift blocks and activate switches that are out of reach for your character.

The clones in Sole Light seem similar to the mindless drones in Inside. You can activate and deactivate them at any time, simply by tapping them with your finger. Once activated they will attempt to copy your movements, pushing blocks and activating switches along the way.

The current Beta build features six cleverly designed chapters and really impresses with it’s stylish visuals, beautiful audio score and inventive puzzle design. It’s a very chilled out, but challenging puzzler that requires you to plan ahead as you navigate its dreamlike isometric world.

Follow The Development of Sole Light Here

Download The Sole Light iOS Alpha Here (Requires Test Flight) or On Android Here