Something in the Shadows – Student Project Game

Something in the Shadows is a very creepy first person horror game where you attempt to escape from a house where a shadowy entity haunts the paintings.

In Something in the Shadows you wake up in a house with notes stuck to the walls telling you to escape and a feeling that a mysterious force really doesn’t want you to be there. As you explore the house you find more notes and search for a means of escape, but all the while a strange shadowy figure with glowing eyes starts showing up in the paintings hanging around the house…

What’s so good about Something in the Shadows is that it stays clear of many of the overused horror game tropes – such as cheap jump scares, unnecessary dark rooms and over-use of flashlights. The developers realize that real terror comes from the uncanny and unexplainable phenomena – not just fumbling around in the dark.

During its 10 minute play time Something in the Shadows builds up a very tense, dread-filled atmosphere and those glowing eyes in the paintings really get under your skin. It turns out there is something in the shadows, or maybe something is the shadows. Either way it’s a great little horror game!

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download Something in the Shadows Here (Windows)