Something Strange About Uncle Howard – Game Jam Build

Something Strange About Uncle Howard is a dark and surprisingly powerful point and click horror game about your monstrous “uncle” feeds off your family’s unresolved issues.

Your strange uncle Howard has come for dinner and now sits menacingly at the end of the table. You now need to look around your home and select objects that will give you something to talk about during dinner. All the objects in the house will tell you something about your family’s life, but only certain ones will tell you about their deepest unresolved issues. If you don’t find those objects and resolve those issues then your uncle Howard will devour your family one by one.

It’s creepy little game with a great art style and an interesting premise. It’s really disconcerting watching as your family is devoured one by one by your uncle and there’s a powerful moment when you realise exactly what your uncle represents. Highly recommended.

Watch a Gameplay Video Here

Download Something Strange About Uncle Howard Here (Windows & Mac)