Somnus – Student Project Download


Somnus is a breathtakingly beautiful 3rd person puzzle adventure in which you solve perspective-based illusions by lining up shots with your camera, whilst exploring a fantastical Alice in Wonderland-esque dreamscape.

Created by some very talented students at the DigiPen Institute, in Somnus you take a little girl on a spectacle-filled adventure as she attempts to track down her two missing toys. There are a lot of wondrous sights to behold throughout it’s short playtime, but some of the strangest (other than the giant tentacles) are the perspective based illusions. As you explore you’ll often come across something in the world that doesn’t look quite right – something that’s out of place when viewed from one perspective, but looks normal when viewed from another. It’s up to you to align these objects so that they look normal (or as normal as anything can look in this weird wonderland), then take a photo of them with your camera – fixing the objects into their correct place and aiding your progression through the world.

Somnus impresses on all fronts – with vibrant visuals, great audio, charming character design, spectacular world architecture and very clever perspective based puzzles that are a delight to solve. The only thing we’d really want to see is more of it, as this technicolor dreamscape is a place you never want to leave. But as it stands it’s fifteen minutes of pure joy – a beautiful wonderland we highly recommend exploring.

Check Out a Full Walkthrough of Somnus Here

Download Somnus Here (Windows)