Sonder – Game Jam Build


Sonder, a quirky puzzle game made for the Ludum Dare 37, has you trying to perfect place for patients to sit in a waiting room.

You are in charge of a waiting room. You know most of the people that come into this waiting room regularly, though you do not know why they are here or what is wrong with them. That is none of your business, but you do know that going to the doctors is not a fun task. To help make these people’s lives a bit better, you find the perfect seat for each patient in the room. Each day, you are given a selection of people that have appointments. You will need to read what they require and place them where they need to go.

To make things more interesting, the janitor changes the room around every night to mess with you. This, along with the change in each person’s preference, makes you place people in new spots each day. As you play more days, you learn more about the lives of your patients – who likes who, who prefers to be alone, who doesn’t really care where they sit. All of these do change, but hearing about these people’s lives adds a nice personal touch to the game and explains why you spend so much time caring about where they sit.

Play or Download Sonder Here (Browser, Win, Mac, & Linux)