Song of Fungus – Game Jam Build Download

Song of Fungus Game Download

Song of Fungus is a relaxing puzzle game made for the Ludum Dare 38 that sees you turning wild mushrooms blue and listening to the beautiful chimes they make as you do it!

The aim in Song of Fungus is to transform all of the wild mushrooms in the forest into blue mushrooms. Most of the mushrooms start off grey, but you can use a blue mushroom to release blue fungus spores onto the grey mushrooms which turn them blue. If you release spores onto an already blue mushroom, it will bounce off onto the next mushroom in the path. Each time a mushroom receives fungus spores, it chimes beautifully.

Depending on the mushroom, the spores can only fly so far from the base mushroom. There are a few different types of mushrooms though, including mushrooms that are high up on trees (throwing their spores out far), mushrooms that automatically give out spores when they turn blue, and mushrooms that aren’t blue at all. The red mushrooms, for example, automatically throw out red spore every few turns, taking over mushrooms that you may have turned blue.

To make things more challenging, in Song of Fungus you only have a limited number of spores to give out. So you will need to pay attention to your moves left and use already blue mushrooms to chain up the release of spores. This game is really wonderfully done, providing a chilled out and mystical place for you to solve it’s chilled out fungal puzzles.

Download Song of Fungus Here (Win, Mac, & Linux)