Song of Iron – Alpha Demo

Song of Iron is a cinematic side-scrolling action adventure where a lone warrior battles men and monsters as they search for the Great Temple of the Gods.

In Song of Iron you explore your ancient Norse-themed homeland and search for the Great Temple of the Gods after returning home to find your village aflame and your loved one slain. Your journey will be an arduous one, with darkness, freezing weather and biting winds to deal with, but your biggest problem is that your land is swarming with enemies and mythological monsters that you’ll need to sneak past, out-run or slay.

Song of Iron has a stamina-based combat system that lacks the depth of the likes of Dark Souls, but is fun and satisfyingly brutal. You’re armed with a bow and a melee weapon (which you can change out for other ones you find along the way), and you can also kick and dodge/evade. Combat isn’t always the best option though – sometimes it may be best to sneak past guards or just run and hope they don’t catch up with you!

The current build of Song of Iron takes around 20 minutes to play through and really impresses with its fluid character movement, beautiful scenery and high quality lighting effects. It’s still early in development so does have a few rough edges, but it’s a very promising start and already feels like the beginnings of an epic adventure.

Download the Alpha Demo Here (Steam)