Songbird Symphony – Alpha Demo

Songbird Symphony Game Download

Songbird Symphony is an adorable pixel art platformer with Parappa The Rapper-esque rhythm action elements in which you play a cute little bird who goes in search of his destiny.

In Songbird Symphony you control Birb, a young bird who leaves the safety of his nest to explore the world and discover his true identity. As he ventures out he learns the beautiful musical language of the forest, allowing him to interact with the world through birdsong.

Ther current demo build of Songbird Symphony is pretty short, but is a delight to play from start to finish thanks to the cheery pixel art visual design and the infectious audio. It consists of a short platforming section and a Parappa the Rapper-esque rhythm action section in which your Uncle Pea (a peacock) teaches you some ‘smooth moves’. The initial (karaoke mode) lesson is fairly easy, but if you really fancy a challenge afterwards you can try Challenge Mode that really ups the difficulty!

We’ll look forward to seeing more of Songbird Symphony, as the current demo build is short but very sweet. It’s a joy spending time in its vibrant musical game world with your cheery avian pal. A beautiful birdie adventure that’ll brighten up your day.

Play or Download the Songbird Symphony Alpha Demo Here (Windows & Browser)