Sonic 2 HD – Beta Demo

Sonic 2 HD is a fan based project that’s dedicated to fully remaking Sonic 2 in HD, with the original characters, environments and audio perfectly recreated in high definition.

We first featured Sonic 2 HD on Alpha Beta Gamer back in 2015 and a lot has changed since then. This latest release features a complete graphical overhaul and six levels spread across three zones that you race through with Tails by your side (or even as Tails if you like)

The Three zones in the game are Emerald Hill Zone, Chemical Plant Zone and Hill Top Zone, with each culminating in a fright with Dr Robotnik. Seeing Sonic 2’s completely pixel-free visual overhaul does take a little getting used to, but the cartoony visuals grow on you quite quickly, the gameplay is spot on and it’s a thing of beauty to see in motion. The levels are all recreated perfectly, with multiple routes and plenty of replayability for speedrunners.

With Sonic 2 HD and Sonic Mania, it really does seem to be Sonic’s year (it’s probably best to forget about Sonic Forces). Hopefully Sega does what they did with the Sonic Mania team and just employs them team to create a full HD remakes of Sonic games – this demo build proves they can do it and there’s certainly a market for it. Either way, 2017 is certainly a good year to be a Sonic fan!

Check out a Gampelay Video Here

Download The Sonic 2 HD Beta Demo Here (Windows)