Sonic AGES – Tech Demo

Sonic AGES is a beautifully animated 2D Sonic adventure that plans to replace sprites and pixels with gorgeous handcrafted HD artwork.

Sonic AGES is a fan made project being created by a lone developer who has a real talent for character animation. It’s still very early in development so only features one main level, one type of enemy, fairly basic level design and plenty of placeholder artwork, but it has plenty of potential.

The completed character animation and artwork that is in the game is superb – particularly Sonic, who looks like he’s just stepped out from a Sonic cartoon. It also plays like a good Sonic game should do, with authentic feeling handling and plenty of high speed action.

It does have a lot of rough edges, but Sonic AGES does a lot right and it feels like the framework for a great Sonic game. The dev plans to add a lot more content in the future too, with promise of online multiplayer racing and more stages, characters, abilities and outfits. With one lone developer doing it all it may take AGES, but the wait should be worth it!

Download The Sonic AGES Tech Demo Here (Windows)