Sonic Boll Classic – Prototype Download


Sonic Boll Classic is the glorious mash-up of two of gamings most highly revered platforming franchises, that sets Sonic (and pals) loose in the Mushroom Kingdom from the original Super Mario Bros game.

We’ve seen a few games that have introduced new characters to the original Super Mario Bros Game (Super Mario Crossover is a paricular highlight), but none have managed to do is as masterfulluy as Sonic Boll Classic. In the game you can choose between Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Silver Sonic, Fire Sonic, Ashura, Mario and Bowser, in single or local multiplayer and take them through near perfect recreations of classic Super Mario Brothers levels.

There are 19 levels available in the current build of Sonic Boll Classic, each of which are perfect recreations of classic Mario levels, right down to the hidden warp zones and bonus areas. The levels look exactly like the Mushroom Kingdom we’re all accustomed to, but feels very different thanks to the Sonic style control scheme, which allows you to run, spin, collect power-ups and even use each characters unique special abilities (such as Tails ability to fly). The developers have even made some clever concessions to Sonics speedy gameplay, such as treating steps as hills and allowing the characters to run straight up them.

Sonic Boll Classic has been in development for a long time (and a fully reworked build is coming in December), but the dedication is certainly paying off as the gameplay, visuals and audio are all superb. Sonics fast paced platforming fits surprisingly well into the cheerful world of the Mushroom Kingdom. Next we want to see how Mario would fare in Greenhill Zone!

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