Sonic Overture – Beta Demo

Sonic Overture is a fantastic Sonic the Hedgehog fan game that draws inspiration from the SEGA Saturn era as Sonic battles Robotnik and a mischievous rabbit.

In Sonic Overture Sonic is once again attempting to thwart the nefarious plans of Robotnik, but he’s also hampered by a troublesome rabbit. The rabbit in question is based on the original character art for the first Sonic the Hedgehog game, before SEGA opted for the blue hedgehog instead.

The Sonic Overture demo features four levels split across two zones and takes place on Christmas Island. It plays a lot like the classic Sonic games, with traditional Genesis controls and no homing attacks. There are some fun additions though, such as being able to perch on poles or running atop boulders.

There are a few minor issues in the current build – the (excellent) music is too quiet, there’s no way to quickly restart a level and the bosses are too easy. However, these minor grievances aside, it’s shaping up to be a fantastic game. The large multi-route level design is superb, the 32-bit inspired visuals are beautiful and the final boss battle is VERY cool. If you like Sonic, you’ll love this game.

Check Out a Sonic Overture Gameplay Video Here

Download The Sonic Overture Beta Demo Here (Windows)